I am a fan of open web technologies, means that my creations are one click away.

Canvas Experiments

Google Maps

Google Maps API is great for making custom google maps. I used data from the American Mathematical Society to make a map of the PhD institutions along with their ranking.



Dr Mario JS Clone

I made Dr. Mario JavaScript Clone during one week at my girlfriends' home. Her family plays the original game with passion. Being the worst player, I focused on recreating the game and added a bot to play instead of me.


Light out is a simple puzzle game. The real challenge to the gamer is to use linear algebra to generate all possible solutions and find the one with minimum number of clicks.


Hex out is a hexagonal variation of light out.



I made an interactive graph library/editor using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas element (implemented in most modern browsers). That is graph as in graph theory. Subsequently it has been integrated as part of the computer algebra Sage. You can try it stand-alone (link below) or as part of Sage Online Notebook.



The picture above is an example of a Droste effect. The spiralling was first done by Escher in one of his paintings. To understand the mathematics behind it this article in AMS is very useful. As it turns out these are "just" (remove parenthesis if you are a mathematician) holomorphic maps between elliptic curves over the complex numbers.

The code was inspired by this article. There is already a plug-in for GIMP, which has more functionality.

My original implementation used processing, which is Java-based language for visual arts. Python version is also available, but it lacks a user interface.
source (Processing)
source (python)



You can read more about my academic past in my academic CV.


The most current list of my papers can be found at the Arvix.

Slides from Talks

Algebraic Geometric Code Tables

I maintain the site agtables.appspot.com. There you will find parameters of algebraic geometric codes computed with different algorithms, developed by my advisor and me.


I worked 2 years as the graduate student liaison for the computer-based teaching program Calculus&Mathematica(C&M). My job involved supervising all C&M courses taught by graduate students and teaching one of them.


Currently, I live in the San Francisco and work for Google.




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